Reviews and testimonials from other Vista del Monte residents

The thing I love most about Vista del Monte, I think, is the feeling of family, the feeling of friendship, the feeling of warmth, a feeling of activity, vitality. That there’s something for everyone to do – you can do as much or as little of it as you want to. But of all… the more people I talk to this has become a family for them and it’s a wonderful feeling, it’s a wonderful feeling. – Midge Russell

What I love most about Vista del Monte is … well its location and its beauty. – Woody Ohlsen

When you visit Vista del Monte you must have a meal. We do have the best food in town. We have a staff that wants us to feel like it’s dining in a first class restaurant. They succeed. We have a birthday night that has a theme with special food to go with that theme. We have the most fabulous holiday feast and they are exactly that – they are feasts. –Marilou Shiells