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Just What the Doctor Ordered

Dr. Dean Vogel and his wife, Mary,
enjoy a chat on their patio.

Pioneering physician, veteran, family man, detective novel enthusiast, 60-year Santa Barbara resident and amateur astronomer all describe Vista del Monte resident Dr. Dean Vogel.

"I have a full life — a somewhat exciting life — and I'm looking forward to experiencing new things at Vista del Monte," Dr.  Vogel said.

Dr. Vogel was born in a small town in Indiana but moved to southern California when his brother received a basketball scholarship to play at USC. After graduating from medical school, he was an associate member of the Mayo Clinic before coming to Santa Barbara. He was instrumental in bringing coronary care to southern California in 1968 when the field was in its infancy.

Although the retired internist likes to keep up to date on the latest medical news, he spends most of his time enjoying the simple pleasures of life with his wife Mary at Vista del Monte.

"The last few years I've been the cook in the family so I'm glad I don't have to do that anymore," Dr. Vogel said with a smile. "The food here is excellent. And whenever we go to dinner here we end up sitting with someone with a PhD, or someone who performed on the New York stage or someone with an interesting hobby or story. The people here are just fantastic!"

He describes his wife Mary as a crossword puzzle expert. They both appreciate the newly landscaped grounds. "I don't think there is another retirement community in the area that has such a wonderful garden as we have here."

When Dr. Vogel wants some quiet time, he listens to detective novels using books on tape or gazes at the stars from his balcony through his telescope - lifelong hobbies that he has plenty of time to savor.

"Living at a continuing care community was important to us at this time of life." Dr. Vogel added. "We looked at several communities but Vista del Monte is by far the best choice for us."

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